Hong Kong Piano Teacher

Friendly, Fun Piano Teaching


My name’s David Wright and I teach and play piano professionally in Hong Kong.

I can help you to play songs on the piano in a very short period of time and get excellent, satisfying results at a remarkable rate with relatively little practice time.

Most people want to be able to sit down at a piano with no sheet music and play songs they have known and loved for years. I focus on getting to this outcome as directly as possible.

The first lesson is completely free and can be taken without obligation or commitment, so you’ve really nothing to lose.

Fill in the form below to check my availability or simply call me on 6775 6430 and start learning this week!

I am also fully equipped to teach over Skype, Apple Facetime and Google Talk, so please don’t consider distance or mobility a problem, if you can read this, I can help you play piano!